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Brass Fuel Tank Filler Cap

About the product

The Brass fuel tank filler cap can be fitted onto the fill point of a storage tank or tanker faucet in order to prevent dripping. These brass drip/filler caps, designed to fit male threads, are supplied in various sizes from 1” to 4”, and thanks to their chain and S ring are easy to secure. This fuel tank cap has two small lugs, allowing it to be easily fitted and removed. This version is the most robust option available.

  • Various sizes of drip cap available
  • C/w brass cap and brass chain
  • Has a sealing washer

Hand Built

We hand build using grade 43A steel, using all UK specifications, requirements and legislations.

Strong and Safe

We use dye pen tests throughout the manufacturing process and pressure tested @ 1.2 bar.

Unlimited Colors

Our tanks are made in our standard blue colour but are available in a variety of colours, just ask.

UK Delivered

We deliver our Bunded fuel tanks all over the United Kingdom, whatever the shape or size you order.