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Piusibox Portable Diesel Transfer Pump

Our Piusibox portable diesel transfer pump is a mobile (on the go) refuelling solution inside a box. It is a handy and practical piece of kit which includes a 24 or 12v fuel transfer pump, a manual nozzle, a delivery hose and suction hoses and also with a locking foot valve to reduce the risk of leaking.

You can easily transport with the storage container being designed to protect the battery powered Piusi pump from debris and dirt, and can also prevent fuel contamination, and also protecting the environment against residue from the nozzle. The portable 24v and 12v diesel transfer pumps are ideal for refuelling both agricultural and plant machinery, where the area may not be as clean.

Features of the Piusibox Portable Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit:

  • Self-priming BP 3000 diesel fuel transfer pump
  • Carry/storage box c/w handle
  • Incorporated bypass valve
  • Flow rate: 43ltr Per Min
  • On/Off Switch
  • 4m Cable and clips
  • 30min duty cycle
  • Manual Self 2000 nozzle
  • 2m cuction & 4m delivery hose ready swaged
  • Locking foot valve & strainer to prevent leakage
  • Protection Grade: IP55
  • Available in 12v/24v
  • Pro versions supplied with 10 micron filter

Hand Built

We hand build using grade 43A steel, using all UK specifications, requirements and legislations.

Strong and Safe

We use dye pen tests throughout the manufacturing process and pressure tested @ 1.2 bar.

Unlimited Colors

Our tanks are made in our standard blue colour but are available in a variety of colours, just ask.

UK Delivered

We deliver our Bunded fuel tanks all over the United Kingdom, whatever the shape or size you order.