Annual Tank Servicing

Maintenance of fuel storage tanks.

It is necessary to service a fuel installation in the same way that it is necessary to service a vehicle. Over the course of the year components on fuel dispensers and fuel tanks can fail, meters and gauges become inaccurate and small leaks can appear in pipework systems. The cost of a leak going unnoticed can run to tens of thousands of pounds in clean-up costs, not including fines levied on offending companies or their directors.

We address these issues by undertaking a multi part check of the whole fuel installation. This can either be done annual for low volume users or six monthly for high volume users. In view of current economic restraints Fuel Safe UK Ltd, are offering special rates for the maintenance of fuel storage equipment for various existing customers and industries.

The Elements of the annual service include:

Fuel Tanks:
  • Check the fuel tank for water and sludge build up
  • Check the operation of valves
  • Pressure test underground product lines
  • Check operation and accuracy of tank gauging systems.
Environmental Audit:
  • Check compliance with current Environment Agency guidelines
  • Advise of any deterioration of bund walls or other necessary components of the installation
  • Recommend any appropriate new products that may provide additional protection against fuel loss.

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