Case Studies

Summer Isles bunded diesel tank

Summer Isles

Summer Isles Customer: Summer Isles Project Summer Isles approached us seeking a 15,000 litre Diesel tank and a 7,500 litre...

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Tillers Turf 50000 litre bunded fuel tank

Tillers Turf

Tillers Turf Customer: Tillers Turf Project Stuart from Tillers Turf approached us with a specific requirement for a substantial 50,000...

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T&M Plant Hire 35000 litre bunded fuel tank

T&M Plant Hire

T&M Plant Hire Customer: T&M Plant Hire Project T&M Plant Hire approached us with a specific request for a versatile...

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WGS Power 990 litre bunded fuel tank

WGS Power

WGS Power Customer: WGS Power Project WGS Power approached us with a specific request for a 990-liter bunded fuel tank...

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Imperial Coaches bunded fuel tanks

Imperial Coaches

Imperial Coaches Customer: Imperial Coaches Project Imperial Coaches approached us with a specific request for a secure 60,000 litre bunded...

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Vale Oils Ltd bunded fuel tanks

Vale Oils Ltd

Vale Oils Ltd Customer: Vale Oils Ltd Project Vale Oils Ltd approached us with a specific requirement for three substantial...

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5000 Litre bunded fuel tank

National Construction

National Construction Customer: National Construction Project National Construction approached us with a specific request for a 5000 Litre Bunded fuel...

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DPD 50000 litre bunded fuel tank

DPD Ireland

DPD Ireland Customer: DPD Ireland Project DPD, a valued client, approached us for the second time to meet their fuel...

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Climbersway Treecare 3000 litre bunded split tank

Climbersway Treecare

Climbersway Treecare Customer: Climbersway Treecare Project Climbersway Treecare needed a customized split tank with two compartments: one with a capacity...

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MCL Crane Hire

MCL Crane Hire

MCL Crane Hire Customer: MCL Crane Hire Project MCL Cranes is a UK-based transport company that specializes in providing international...

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steel bunded fuel tanks

Nirva Energy

Nirva Energy Customer: Nirva Energy Project Here we made a 97,000 litre tank with 3” Fill point, 3” flanged bottom...

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Barnfield Engineering bunded fuel tank

Barnfield Engineering

Barnfield Engineering Customer: Barnfield Engineering Project Barnfield came to us requesting a 25,000 litre bunded fuel tank with monitoring system,...

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Pleavin Power bunded fuel tank

Pleavin Power

Pleavin Power Customer: Pleavin Power Project Pleavin is back again for 3rd tank. This was a 50,000 litre tank for...

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Flexipol bunded generator feed tank


Flexipol Customer: Flexipol Project Flexipol came to us wanting a refurb on an existing 10,800 litre fuel tank. We cleaned...

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Dews Coaches 25000 litre bunded fuel tank

Dews Coaches

Dews Coaches Customer: Dews Coaches Project Based in south wales. Dews Coaches came us to part exchange a 10,000 litre...

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Techfloor bunded fuel tank


Techfloor Customer: Techfloor Project This time we built a 50,000 litre bunded fuel tank with x2 fuel managementsystems and high...

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Pleavin Power generator feed tank

Pleavin Power

Pleavin Power Customer: Pleavin Power Project Pleavin is back again. We’ve manufactured a few custom tanks for Pleavin Power over...

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Metcalfe Farms 26000 litre bunded fuel tank

Metcalfe Farms

Metcalfe Farms Customer: Metcalfe Farms Project Metcalfe farms requested a 26,000 Litre bunded fuel tank with a 140LPM pump to...

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1000 Litre Generator Feed Tank

Pleavin Power

Pleavin Power Customer: Richard Bull – Bull Transport Project Our long standing client Pleavin Power requested a new design for...

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Heartwood Trees 25000 litre bunded fuel tank

Heartwood Trees

Heartwood Trees Customer: Heartwood Trees Project This new request was for a bespoke 25,000 litre bunded fuel tank with the...

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Bull Transport bunded fuel tank

Bull Transport

Bull Transport Customer: Richard Bull – Bull Transport Project This request was for a secure 20,000 litre storage tank, a...

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Ashcourt Developments 55000 litre bunded fuel tank

Ashcourt Developments

Ashcourt Developments Customer: Ashcourt Developments Project Our existing customer, Ashcourt, asked us for another 55,000 litre bunded fuel tank with...

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Pleavin Power generator feed tank

Pleavin Power

Pleavin Power Customer: Pleavin Power Project Pleavin Power got in touh with us and requested a short-term tank they needed...

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Bells Fuels 70000 Litre Bunded Fuel Tank

Bells Fuels

Bells Fuels Customer: Bells Fuels – Project For Bells Fuels we built a 70,000 litre tank with a 10,000...

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Addfield 20000 litre bunded fuel tank


Addfield Customer: Addfield – Project We manufactured 12 custom tanks for Addfield Environmental to go in their bespoke incinerators,...

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CB Skip Hire 25000 litre bunded fuel tank

CB Skip Hire

CB Skip Hire Customer: CB Skip Hire – Project CB Skips wanted a 25,000 litre bunded fuel tank complete...

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Addfield Environmental bunded fuel tank

Addfield Environmental

Addfield Environmental Customer: Addfield Environmental Project Addfield are a company we’ve worked with on several occasions. They required feed tanks....

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G&M Eurotex generator feed tank

G&M Eurotex

G&M Eurotex Customer: G&M Eurotex Project We built G&M Eurotex a 5000 litre bespoke feed tank, who are the internationally...

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Generator Specialists feed tanks

Generator Specialists

Generator Specialists Customer: Generator Specialists Project We designed and manufactured a 3x 500 litre feed tanks connected via balance pipes...

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Osmond Transport 3000 litre bunded fuel tank

Osmond Transport

Osmond Transport Customer: Osmond Transport Project Osmond Transport came to us with a request for 3 tanks of different sizes....

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PL Transport bunded fuel tank

PL Transport

PL Transport Customer: PL Transport Project PL Transport came to us with a request for a large 55,000 Litre bunded...

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Singh Concrete bunded fuel tank

Singh Concrete

Singh Concrete Customer: Singh Concrete Project Our new client Singh Concrete contacted us and wanted a 25,000 litre tank with...

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SSSi Limited bunded dispensing tank

SSSi Limited

SSSi Limited Customer: SSSi Limited Project SSSi are a large waste disposal company based in London. Their request was for...

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Events Factor 14000 litre bunded split tank

Events Factor

Events Factor Customer: Events Factor Project Events Factor are an events based company. They were looking for a 14,000 litre...

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Linkline Transport 40000 litre diesel tank

Linkline Transport

Linkline Transport Customer: Linkline Transport Project Linkline transport are one of the biggest logistics companies in the UK with a...

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ACKLEA bunded fuel site bowser


ACKLEA Customer: ACKLEA Project Company – ACKLEA (A Division of Enterprise/Flex-E-Rent Ltd) Acklea are a division of Enterprise, who obviously...

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fuel safe cube


Onbio Customer: Onbio Project We manufactured one of new products for a customer called Onbio, a safe cube. This is...

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GNL Construction 2000 litre site bowsers

GNL Construction

GNL Construction Customer: GNL Construction Project The team at Fuel Safe UK recently completed a project for one our largest...

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Flisher Energy 65000 litre split tank

Flisher Energy

Flisher Energy Customer: Flisher Energy Project Our expert designer took the stage and designed a custom 65,000 litre split tank...

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