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Bells Power Solutions bunded fuel tank
Bells Power Solutions generator feed tank

Customer: Bells power solutions


Development of 22 Bishopsgate, skyscraper complex that supports a living city in the sky – 70,000 people. “a ‘vertical village’ in the heart of London.”


Upon completion of 22 Bishopsgate it will be the second tallest building in the UK. Fuel safe UK’s custom built tanks we’re installed at 912 feet, possibly the highest fuel tank installation in Europe.

Fuel Safe UK bunded fuel tanks lay claim to the manufacture of Europe’s highest installation generator Feed Fuel Tanks.  The 3 generator fuel storage tanks supply diesel to a series of electrical back-up generators. The generators supply energy to the entire complex that supports a network of around 70,000 people.

Using our state of the art CAD Design software we was able to design something that was suitable for the project, safe for the building and long lasting.

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