We have over 20 years combined experience of delivering bunded fuel tanks to customers in a variety of industries, including haulage, agriculture & construction. Our skilled engineers have safely delivered and installed many fuel tanks of varying sizes at various locations.

We try to accommodate all of our customers, regardless of location, the best possible delivery service at the most competitively sourced prices.

We offer outstanding delivery to customers throughout the UK.

Incorrect fuel tank delivery & installation can be a dangerous and costly problem. Spillages and leaks can be devastating to the environment and often result in prosecution of those responsible. With over 20 years experience you can depend on our skilled engineers at Fuel Safe UK to complete your fuel tank delivery & installation to comply with the very latest EU regulations, in a safe and responsible manner.

Our team understand the importance of a quick fuel tank delivery service and can work effectively to deliver your fuel tank with minimal disruption to your workplace.

Hand Built

We hand build using grade 43A steel, using all UK specifications, requirements and legislations.

Strong and Safe

We use dye pen tests throughout the manufacturing process and pressure tested @ 1.2 bar.

Unlimited Colors

Our tanks are made in our standard blue colour but are available in a variety of colours, just ask.

UK Delivered

We deliver our Bunded fuel tanks all over the United Kingdom, whatever the shape or size you order.