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Flisher Energy split tank
Flisher Energy 65000 litre split tank

Customer: Flisher Energy


Our expert designer took the stage and designed a custom 65,000 litre split tank for Flisher Energy to house Biofuel and white diesel in two separate compartments.


Our welding team at Fuel Safe UK then took over and started the manufacture of the bespoke 65,000 litre split tank, which was quite a challenge, but nothing they couldn’t handle.

This project took our whole team 3 weeks to design and manufacture from start to finish. Providing the client with CA drawings through the entire process to illustrate where the fittings were needed in the cabinet for a bespoke pumping system that was also required to fit. The split tank also had an electromagnetic lock for security purposes. Security is super important to us.

When the manufacturing process had finished our team began to work on the cosmetics. Flisher Energy chose our popular neutral tank colour and we began to spray paint it.

Upon delivery the client was incredibly happy with the workmanship and welding skills that had gone into the split tank and how accurately we had put the drawing into reality. Once again as with the previous tank he commended the standard of the welds on the tank being so consistent.

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