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Tillers Turf 50000 litre bunded fuel tank
Tillers Turf fuel storage tanks

Customer: Tillers Turf


Stuart from Tillers Turf approached us with a specific requirement for a substantial 50,000 litre bunded fuel tank that also incorporated an AdBlue tank, representing the largest dual AdBlue tank project we’ve undertaken. To meet this unique demand, we diligently sourced the AdBlue tank and then constructed a 50,000 litre bunded compartment.


The innovation extended to the inclusion of a generously-sized cabinet at the front of the tank, skillfully designed to house the bunded AdBlue tank securely behind a convenient roller shutter door. Within this cabinet, we expertly mounted the Diesel 90lpm pump alongside a 2” fill point, optimizing functionality and accessibility.

The final product exceeded expectations, leaving the customer highly satisfied. This successful collaboration underscores the versatility and practicality of our solutions in catering to both AdBlue and diesel storage needs. We look forward to potential future projects with Tillers Turf, confident in the effectiveness of this ideal solution for their unique fuel storage requirements.

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