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bunded fuel tank for Hyslop Farming

Customer: Hyslop Farming


Hyslop Farming approached us with a need for a dual-compartment tank, each holding 40,000 liters for storing both white and red diesel. They required a system to efficiently manage fuel dispensing, opting for the B Smart fuel management system.


We completed the tank within two weeks, equipping it with 10m retractable hose reels and B Smart 70lpm pumps. The B Smart system’s software allows for remote management, and Hyslop Farming has already expressed their satisfaction with its user-friendly interface.

To ensure durability and a polished look, we applied two coats of anti-corrosive primer followed by two coats of dark green paint. Hyslop Farming was extremely pleased with the final product, praising both its functionality and appearance.

This successful project highlights our ability to deliver customized solutions that meet specific client requirements. We look forward to the possibility of future collaborations with Hyslop Farming, continuing to support their operational needs with innovative and reliable fuel storage solutions.

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