Vale Oils Ltd

Vale Oils Ltd bunded fuel tanks

Customer: Vale Oils Ltd


Vale Oils Ltd approached us with a specific requirement for three substantial tanks, each capable of storing an impressive 106,000 litres of fuel. Additionally, they sought to optimize space and requested a tank with compact dimensions of 4 meters in height and width. We successfully met their demands, and this project marks the completion of the initial unit from the trio.


The manufacturing process for each tank spanned three weeks, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Coordinating both crane services and transportation was an integral part of the project, involving an escort vehicle due to the width of the load. We orchestrated these logistics seamlessly to guarantee a smooth and efficient delivery.

The customer’s contentment with the first unit was a testament to our commitment to precision and quality. Notably, the tank boasts a 4” bottom outlet, further exemplifying our dedication to meeting Vale Oils Ltd’s specific requirements.

As we continue to progress with the subsequent tanks, this successful collaboration sets a promising precedent for the remaining units. Vale Oils Ltd’s satisfaction fuels our drive to deliver exceptional products and service, reinforcing our position as a dependable partner in their fuel storage endeavors.

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