DPD Ireland

DPD 50000 litre bunded fuel tank
DPD 50000 litre bunded fuel tanks

Customer: DPD Ireland


DPD, a valued client, approached us for the second time to meet their fuel storage needs. Previously, we successfully completed an 80,000 litre unit for them earlier this year. This time, they required an HVO tank for their yard located in Dublin. The tank we designed and built is a 50,000 litre bunded fuel tank, ensuring safety and compliance with environmental regulations.


The project took approximately two weeks to complete, and as part of our comprehensive service, we also handled the logistics, arranging shipping and delivery to their site. To meet DPD’s preferences, we finished the tank in an attractive Graphite grey color, giving it a sleek and professional appearance. Additionally, we incorporated a roller shutter entry for convenient access to the tank.

By consistently delivering high-quality and customized solutions to DPD, we have established a strong partnership with them. Our commitment to meeting their specific requirements, providing exceptional service, and ensuring reliable fuel storage solutions has earned their trust. We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver outstanding products and services to valued clients like DPD.

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