fuel safe cube
Onbio fuel safe cube

Customer: Onbio


We manufactured one of new products for a customer called Onbio, a safe cube. This is a more robust offering multipurpose tank that can be used as a Fuel distributing tank, generator feed tank and most other applications.


This is our new multi purpose Fuel Safe Cube, which can be used a feed tank, fuel dispensing tank, generator feed tank.

Standard package Includes,

Dimension’s Approx. (H) 1250 mm (W) 1250 mm (length) 2500 mm

Pump (12v 24v 240v hand pump)

1″ Suction

2″ fill point

1 1/2 Fuel level gauge.

2″ breather.

4 x lifting eyes.

FLT Pockets.

Lockable cabinet.

Suction and returns for generator application.

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