T&M Plant Hire

T&M Plant Hire 35000 litre bunded fuel tank

Customer: T&M Plant Hire


T&M Plant Hire approached us with a specific request for a versatile 35,000 litre tank, intended for rental to their diverse customer base. To meet their requirements, we designed and manufactured the tank with a 1-meter-deep cabinet, complete with strategically placed mounting plates for accommodating pumps and telematics systems as per their specifications.


For added functionality, we incorporated two 1⁄2” feeds and returns on the roof of the tank, specifically tailored for generator applications. The tank was finished in T&M Plant Hire’s designated RAL color code, leaving it blank as they planned to apply their own branding.

The project was executed with precision and efficiency, taking approximately two weeks for completion. Prior to delivery, the tank underwent thorough testing in accordance with our established guidelines and processes. Terry, representing T&M Plant Hire, expressed contentment with the final product, underscoring our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

This successful collaboration further strengthens our partnership with T&M Plant Hire, as we continue to provide top-quality products and services that align with their specific needs and business objectives. We look forward to the opportunity to assist T&M Plant Hire with future projects.

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