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BMH Scaffold Ltd bunded fuel tanks
BMH Scaffold Ltd 5000 litre bunded fuel tank

Customer: BMH Scaffold Ltd


BMH Scaffold Ltd approached us with a specific requirement for a 5000 litre bunded fuel  tank equipped with a cabinet and a 12v 80lpm pump. To meet their needs, we made adjustments to our standard design and incorporated an innovative opening door design. This allowed for convenient access to the tank, while ensuring the pump was securely stored within the cabinet.


In addition to the customized design, we equipped the tank with an Ocio watchman gauge. This gauge provides the customer with real-time monitoring of fuel levels, allowing for efficient management and planning. By implementing this live monitoring system, we aimed to enhance the customer’s experience and provide them with greater control over their fuel usage.

The entire project was completed in just four days, showcasing our commitment to delivering prompt solutions without compromising on quality. We take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction, and in this case, BMH Scaffold Ltd was delighted with the final product. Our ability to tailor the design, incorporate safety features, and provide live fuel level monitoring demonstrated our dedication to meeting their specific requirements. We value our partnership with BMH Scaffold Ltd and continue to strive for excellence in providing them with top-quality products and exceptional service.

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