Aberclean Plant & Sweeper Hire

Aberclean Plant & Sweeper Hire
30000 litre bunded fuel tank Aberclean

Customer: Aberclean Plant & Sweeper Hire


Aberclean Plant & Sweeper Hire approached us with a distinctive request for a custom dual-compartment tank, featuring a 30,000 litre compartment for white diesel and a smaller 10,000L compartment for red diesel. The white diesel section was equipped with a 90LPM B Smart Fuel Management system, while the red compartment was fitted with a 90LPM transfer pump complete with filters.


To meet Aberclean’s specific needs, we meticulously designed, tested, and built the tank over a period of three weeks. This slightly extended timeline was necessary to ensure the thorough testing of the two compartments and associated pipework, guaranteeing the highest standards of functionality and safety. Upon completion, the tank was finished in Aberclean’s distinctive company blue, aligning seamlessly with their brand identity. The customer expressed satisfaction with the final product, emphasizing the importance of tailored solutions in meeting their dual fuel storage requirements. This successful collaboration exemplifies our commitment to delivering precise, high-quality solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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