Climbersway Treecare

Climbersway Treecare 3000 litre bunded split tank
Climbersway Treecare bunded fuel tanks

Customer: Climbersway Treecare


Climbersway Treecare needed a customized split tank with two compartments: one with a capacity of 2000 litres and the other with 500 litres. Both compartments had to be fitted with 230v pumps. While split tanks are not as commonly requested due to the reduced use of red diesel, we were still able to offer this product to Climbersway Treecare. The project was completed in around four days, and we installed two Piusi 230v Panther pumps.


Tom, the client, expressed satisfaction with the final result, and the tank is now being used on their yard to refill their machinery and plant. The tank’s customized design and the pumps’ efficient performance made it a perfect fit for their operations. Our team worked closely with Tom to ensure the product met his specific requirements and delivered it in a timely manner. At our company, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions that cater to each client’s individual needs, regardless of the project’s size or complexity. We strive to offer top-quality products and excellent customer service, and we are pleased to have met Tom’s expectations.

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