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2100 Litre Bunded Fuel Tank

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£2099 £ 1895
  • 1″ BSP suction point for pump outlet
  • 2″ BSP fill point
  • 1″ BSP for Pro level float gauge
  • 2″ Tank to bund Breather
  • 2” Tank breather
  • Forklift pockets
1000 Litre Generator Feed Tank

About Bunded Fuel Tanks

Here at Fuel Safe UK we are experts in manufacturing Bunded fuel storage solutions designed for the safe storage and transportation of fuel and any other industrial liquids.

Our high-quality steel bunded fuel tanks are used in many industries, ranging from construction, agriculture, and logistics. Our products range from Bulk diesel storage tanks, transportable fuel tanks, generator tanks along with any bespoke projects that may be required and can all be delivered nationwide.

All fuel tanks manufactured here at Fuel Safe UK comply with the UK’s safety regulations and allow our customers to store/transport fuel in a secure and environmentally friendly way.

We also supply a wide range of Fuel transfer options which come fitted and ready to run, so no matter how bespoke or specialised the requirement we will be able to help.

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bunded fuel tanks made in the uk

Made in the UK

Using high grade 43A steel, all fuel tanks manufactured here at Fuel Safe UK comply with the UK’s safety regulations and are suitable for safe fuel storage.

1350 litre bunded fuel tank - cube

Long term warranties & annual servicing

Why do we consider ourselves to be the best fuel tank supplier? It’s simple, really. We know that honesty and transparency, coupled with reliable and friendly customer service, is what really builds customer trust.

Trust the experts at Fuel Safe UK. We check compliance with current Environment Agency guidelines. Advise of any deterioration of bund walls or other necessary components of the installation. Recommend any appropriate new products that may provide additional protection against fuel loss.

Thank you for purchasing your Fuel Tank and accessories from Fuel Safe UK. As a new addition we now offer an extended warranty policy in addition to the standard one year manufacturer’s warranty. When taking out our extended warranty you can be assured of the highest level of customer care and product reliability.
The limited warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Fuel Safe UK will repair or replace at no charge, products or parts of a tank that proves defective due to improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance of the product. The duration of the extended warranty is in addition to the standard one year manufacturer’s warranty which will cover you for a further year and run concurrently with the manufacturer’s warranty.
1. Check the fuel tank for water and sludge build up 2. Check the operation of valves 3. Pressure test underground product lines 4. Check operation and accuracy of tank gauging systems.

Fuel Safe UK Case studies

An overview of our happy clients that we service, that continue to come back.

Imperial Coaches bunded fuel tanks

Imperial Coaches

Imperial Coaches Customer: Imperial Coaches Project Imperial Coaches approached us with a specific request for a secure 60,000 litre bunded fuel  tank equipped with dual filling stations, complete with Pulse meters that seamlessly integrated with their existing management software. To …

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Vale Oils Ltd bunded fuel tanks

Vale Oils Ltd

Vale Oils Ltd Customer: Vale Oils Ltd Project Vale Oils Ltd approached us with a specific requirement for three substantial tanks, each capable of storing an impressive 106,000 litres of fuel. Additionally, they sought to optimize space and requested a …

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5000 Litre bunded fuel tank

National Construction

National Construction Customer: National Construction Project National Construction approached us with a specific request for a 5000 Litre Bunded fuel tank equipped with an 8m hose reel and a 230v Piusi pump. Understanding the importance of meeting their unique needs, …

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Jolly Gritting Limited bunded fuel tanks

Jolly Gritting Limited

Jolly Gritting Limited Customer: Jolly Gritting Limited Project Jolly Gritting Limited, represented by Lenny, reached out to us with a specific requirement for a customized fuel tank. They needed a 13500 litre bunded fuel tank that could fit into their …

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BMH Scaffold Ltd bunded fuel tanks

BMH Scaffold Ltd

BMH Scaffold Ltd Customer: BMH Scaffold Ltd Project BMH Scaffold Ltd approached us with a specific requirement for a 5000 litre bunded fuel  tank equipped with a cabinet and a 12v 80lpm pump. To meet their needs, we made adjustments …

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DPD 50000 litre bunded fuel tank

DPD Ireland

DPD Ireland Customer: DPD Ireland Project DPD, a valued client, approached us for the second time to meet their fuel storage needs. Previously, we successfully completed an 80,000 litre unit for them earlier this year. This time, they required an …

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Standby Generator Solutions bunded fuel tanks

Standby Generator Solutions

Standby Generator Solutions Customer: Standby Generator Solutions Project Standby Generator Solutions required a 15,000L feed tank for one of their B and Q sites, and we were able to provide them with a customized solution. The tank was equipped with …

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Climbersway Treecare 3000 litre bunded split tank

Climbersway Treecare

Climbersway Treecare Customer: Climbersway Treecare Project Climbersway Treecare needed a customized split tank with two compartments: one with a capacity of 2000 litres and the other with 500 litres. Both compartments had to be fitted with 230v pumps. While split …

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MCL Crane Hire

MCL Crane Hire

MCL Crane Hire Customer: MCL Crane Hire Project MCL Cranes is a UK-based transport company that specializes in providing international logistics solutions. Recently, Jordan, one of their representatives, approached us with a specific request for a fuel tank that would …

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JJ Murdock and Sons bunded fuel tank

JJ Murdock and Sons

JJ Murdock and Sons Customer: JJ Murdock and Sons Project Murdoch, a repeat customer, approached us for a new project, a 13500 litre tank with a large fill point cabinet to accommodate a free-standing pump in the future. Based on …

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