6 ways to save time & money with bulk fuel storage

6 ways to save time & money with bulk fuel storage

If you are in an industry that uses or needs bunded fuel tanks then we have 6 ways on-site bulk fuel storage can save you time and money. Everybody that already uses fuel storage is already saving time and money, some may not know it or maybe they haven’t realised it. And if you haven’t already got a bunded fuel tank then we think it’s about time you made the move. It’s really simple, that’s what we’re here for.

1. Buying fuel in bulk usually costs less.

  • Pump prices hold hidden costs such as fuel delivery charges to the petrol station, station maintenance, site and staff costs, fuel dispensing equipment upgrades, insurance levies against the risk of theft and vandalism, accounting errors and administration costs.
  • Fuel is usually cheaper purchased in bulk. Pump prices are not reflective of buying fuel wholesale.
  • Most petroleum companies will establish relationships with customers that benefit both parties, offering opportunities to negotiate on supply, delivery and price.
  • The cost of installing an on-site bunded fuel tanks can quickly evaporate over a short time frame. Large savings can quickly start to be made.

2. Theft and fraud can be prevented.

  • Fuel purchased off-site, usually through company fuel cards at petrol stations, means it’s difficult to know who’s using the card and for what purpose.
  • When fuel is stored on-site and utilised, businesses can see who is using it, when they are using it and how much of it they use. It not only gives a visual element of use (which can also be captured on CCTV), but offers greater accountability.
  • Fuel monitoring, purchasing and management systems can be added to any bunded fuel tank. These can field reports on transaction times and volumes dispensed.
  • Fuel fraud often happens when employees take advantage of a businesses allowances for their own personal use. A couple of tanks of fuel in the wife’s car or friend’s car for a weekend trip, multiplied across 100 staff doing the same thing, quickly adds up. An on-site tank makes this harder to execute.

3. Keep your workers at work, on-site.

  • Bunded fuel tanks increase work productivity. They ensure workers stay on-site for as long as possible during shifts, completing tasks and meeting deadlines (reducing downtime) rather than leaving site to refuel vehicles and equipment.
  • During trips off-site to refuel, there’s risk of road accidents and equipment failure, putting staff in harms way and raising potentially harmful issues. These trips are minimised with an on-site fuel storage solution.
  • On-site fuel storage maximises efficiencies, through better time management, allowing businesses to build more, move more and haul further.

4. You can save time and travel costs by refuelling at the workplace.

  • What is not often taken into account when calculating fuel and equipment running costs are the trips required to obtain fuel (detours) and the time it takes to complete this task.
  • Today businesses are discovering, this cost alone (plus related staff downtime), can quickly be put towards the purchase of an on-site fuel tank storage solution to reduce this as an ongoing cost.
  • There is also the added bonus that at the beginning or end of each work day vehicles and equipment can be fuelled and ready to get straight into action when the whistle blows.

5. You can store from 500 Litres up to to 65,000 Litres safely.

  • From car yards looking to have access to a small volume of fuel or large truck depots that needs to refuel a fleet daily, there’s an on-site fuel storage solution size to suit every requirement and any business.
  • If space is an issue, bunded fuel tanks come in many various shapes. A tanks footprint can be surprisingly small or it’s height very low, minimising the space you wish the tank to take up or fit – some tanks are even stackable.
  • Where concerns lie on safety and the surrounding environment, bunded fuel tanks are very durable and tough. With double steel walls to prevent spills and leaks they can be relied upon on for many years to store and dispense safely, without harming the site they are placed on.

6. Bunded fuel tanks are easy to move around the workplace.

  • Bunded fuel tanks can be safely stored and dispense a large range of fuel derivatives: Diesel, aviation, unleaded, leaded, ethanol and mixes are all possible.
  • They are easy to relocate and deliver to site.
  • Some ranges of bunded fuel tanks are designed and manufactured to meet ISO container specifications, allowing theming to be stacked and transported via rail, truck or ship using industry standardised equipment.
  • Set-up and installation on site is very simple. A quick commissioning process can have a tank ready to be filled and operational in hours or delivery.
  • Dependant on dispensing requirements, there are various options tanks can be customised with, offering complete control on the dispensing process and system you’d like to use. This can also include remote monitoring using tank gauges.

If you require a bunded fuel tank from us whether it’s a standard fuel tank or a bespoke bunded fuel tank then get in touch with us today by calling 01282 219130

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