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What Coronavirus (COVID-19) means for Bunded Fuel Tanks

What Coronavirus (COVID-19) means for Bunded Fuel Tanks

Fuel & oil storage across the UK could now be in high demand due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). That’s what we’ve heard here at Fuel Safe UK.

Health organisation’s, businesses and agricultural businesses could now forced to buy or rent out fuel and oil storage systems to help them store large amounts of fuel and oil to cope with the demand. Large machinery on sites will be needed and of course will need somewhere to store their fuel, responsibly and safely.

What Coronavirus means for us?

The Coronavirus won’t really stop us working per se. We are following the UK’s governments advice and adhering to all rules. We have limited staff here and we are keeping safe distances between us. We are working in the event the government, local council or key worker businesses need us to provide any emergency fuel storage systems that may be needed in this pandemic.

The Coronavirus is not to be reckoned with. It’s a serious virus that is killing 10’s of thousands of people worldwide. And spreading quicker that you can spread butter on a slice of bread.

Prioritising Critical Customers

With the current coronavirus pandemic in the UK, we will be prioritising critical customers including hospitals and healthcare facilities, utilities and emergency services. As the situation evolves over the coming weeks and months, our crisis management team will ensure those businesses that require our services continue to receive the highest level of service they expect from us.

Storing fuel and oil at your home or business.

Some people are thinking about storing fuel at their home or business, please stay safe and follow the UK governments help and advice here – https://www.gov.uk/oil-storage-regulations-and-safety.

Our delivery network will continue. We are taking special measures to ensure all guidelines are followed correctly.

Stay safe

Fuel Safe UK

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