Who needs Bunded Fuel Tanks?

Who needs Bunded Fuel Tanks?

A huge amount of work places in the UK now require Bunded Fuel Tanks. Every business that needs to store any type of oil or fuels on their premises now has to follow and comply with the UK’s regulations. Those that do not follow these regulations can find themselves getting a huge fine, some even being subject to prosecution.

The world has gone Health & Safety mad over recent years. Probably due to the fact that more and more people now find it so easy to make a claim, whether it’s at work or in public place. Either way it’s now even easier to make an accident claim than it is to discipline your children the right way, without being frowned upon. That being said, it is very dangerous to store and maintain oils and fuels, unfortunately accidents do happen and bunded fuel tanks can help prevent that. Oil leaks and spills are extremely hazardous to the environment, posing massive risks to wildlife and vegetation.

The way we build our bunded fuel tanks can and will prevent such bad things happening, hence why we call them bunded, this in layman’s terms means it’s a tank built inside another tank, the first/inner tank stores your fuels and oils and the second/outer tank can catch any leaks or spillages. Tried and tested, Bunded Fuel Tanks are very safe, and just to be sure, we use high grade steel during the manufacture.

So in conclusion, any work place or premise that stores fuels or oils will be required by UK regulations to store their fule or oil using a fuel tank.

UK regulations can be found here.

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