Protecting a Bunded Fuel Tank in winter

Protecting a Bunded Fuel Tank in winter

Checking your bunded fuel tank in winter is and should be a high priority. Leaving it all through winter without any checks or protection can cause serious damage to you, your property and others in the area of the fuel tank. They always say ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’, this is very true especially when dealing with highly explosive and dangerous fuel tanks and oils tanks.

Here we have listed 5 things for you to check on or check around your bunded fuel tank during winter.

  1. Check paintwork for any scuffs. If scuffs are found these should be repainted as soon as possible to prevent rust.
  2. Check all seals on the tank and fuel pump. If seals are loose or corroding they must be replaced. If seals are corroding or loose, this could allow water to get into the tank.
  3. Make sure that all access points, vents, and sight gauges are closed off or shielded from water, dirt, etc
  4. Check the surroundings for obvious changes in the supporting structure and base as cold wet weather can cause the ground to subside.
  5. Any Snow that collects on the tank must be removed and the area around the tank must be gritted to prevent vehicles sliding into the tank.

If you think or you want more advise on protecting your bunded fuel tank then get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help.

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