Case Studies

Ashford Bros

  • 9th April 2024

Ashford Bros Customer: Ashford Bros Project Ashford Bros, a farming company, sought a solution for storing and dispensing both red and white diesel on-site. They were drawn to our hook-over cabinet design, appreciating its ability to conceal pipework. To meet…

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Summer Isles bunded diesel tank

Summer Isles

  • 11th February 2024

Summer Isles Customer: Summer Isles Project Summer Isles approached us seeking a 15,000 litre Diesel tank and a 7,500 litre Kerosene tank. We equipped them with a high-speed pump, boasting a flow rate of 200lpm, ensuring efficient tanker filling. The…

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30000 litre bunded fuel tank Aberclean

Aberclean Plant & Sweeper Hire

  • 8th January 2024

Aberclean Plant & Sweeper Hire Customer: Aberclean Plant & Sweeper Hire Project Aberclean Plant & Sweeper Hire approached us with a distinctive request for a custom dual-compartment tank, featuring a 30,000 litre compartment for white diesel and a smaller 10,000L…

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Tillers Turf 50000 litre bunded fuel tank

Tillers Turf

  • 15th November 2023

Tillers Turf Customer: Tillers Turf Project Stuart from Tillers Turf approached us with a specific requirement for a substantial 50,000 litre bunded fuel tank that also incorporated an AdBlue tank, representing the largest dual AdBlue tank project we’ve undertaken. To…

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Es Facilities management 35000 litre bunded fuel tank

ES Facilities Management

  • 2nd November 2023

ES Facilities Management Customer: ES Facilities Management Project ES Facilities Management approached us with a unique requirement for a dual-purpose tank capable of serving both their vehicles and a generator. Their specifications included the need for a 35,000 litre bunded…

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T&M Plant Hire 35000 litre bunded fuel tank

T&M Plant Hire

  • 17th October 2023

T&M Plant Hire Customer: T&M Plant Hire Project T&M Plant Hire approached us with a specific request for a versatile 35,000 litre tank, intended for rental to their diverse customer base. To meet their requirements, we designed and manufactured the…

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WGS Power 990 litre bunded fuel tank

WGS Power

  • 2nd October 2023

WGS Power Customer: WGS Power Project WGS Power approached us with a specific request for a 990-liter bunded fuel tank that could be securely mounted onto their chassis. This tank was intended to facilitate the efficient transportation of fuel between…

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Imperial Coaches bunded fuel tanks

Imperial Coaches

  • 12th September 2023

Imperial Coaches Customer: Imperial Coaches Project Imperial Coaches approached us with a specific request for a secure 60,000 litre bunded fuel  tank equipped with dual filling stations, complete with Pulse meters that seamlessly integrated with their existing management software. To…

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Vale Oils Ltd bunded fuel tanks

Vale Oils Ltd

  • 17th August 2023

Vale Oils Ltd Customer: Vale Oils Ltd Project Vale Oils Ltd approached us with a specific requirement for three substantial tanks, each capable of storing an impressive 106,000 litres of fuel. Additionally, they sought to optimize space and requested a…

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5000 Litre bunded fuel tank

National Construction

  • 29th July 2023

National Construction Customer: National Construction Project National Construction approached us with a specific request for a 5000 Litre Bunded fuel tank equipped with an 8m hose reel and a 230v Piusi pump. Understanding the importance of meeting their unique needs,…

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