5 Safety tips when using Bunded Fuel Tanks

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Please let us give you 5 safety tips on using bunded fuel tanks.


Here at Fuel Safe UK we do our best to advise our customers when it comes to safety about using bunded fuel tanks and storing them. Fuel tanks can be very dangerous when not stored or used correctly. Often leaks and spillages occur which can have serious consequences or if the fuel tank is not properly maintained things can go from bad to worse in a matter of seconds. Good job our bunded fuel tanks are build to withstand slight bangs and knocks within harsh outdoor weathers and are built to UK's regulation policies.


Unfortunately accidents can happen that's why you should try and follow our 5 safety tip's below.

  1. Always check your tank on a regular basis for any structural damage or leaks.
  2. Keep well away from combustible objects
  3. The brighter the colour tank, the better as it can be seen more easily. Especially if it is being used on a building site.
  4. Always make sure the hose reel is safely stored back inside the lockable cabinet to prevent it being damaged.
  5. Make sure everyone who will use the fuel tank is aware that smoking and the use of mobile phone is prohibited when using the fuel tank.


If you would like to speak to someone regarding the safety of your fuel tank please call us on 01282 219130


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We hand build using grade 43A steel, using all UK specifications, requirements and legislations.

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We use dye pen tests throughout the manufacturing process and pressure tested @ 1.2 bar.

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